Taking part in my first demonstration, 1985.

A move taken from the Hyung ‘Hwa Sun’.
Erica’s round house.
Bong drills.
Practising Bong Hyung Il Bu & Ee Bu.
Dan Gum Hyung Il Bu & Ee Bu.
Eye jab, reaction time exercise.

I’m performing a flying round house kick, 1987.
Performing a flying side kick, 1987.
Performing a hook kick, 1987.
Master Andy Salvia performing a breaking technique on a stack of roofing tiles.
My teacher Master Andy Salvia back in the day.
Master Andy Salvia performing a board break.
Erica performing a jumping back kick.
Anya performing a flying side kick.


Sa Bae Nim Steve congratulating Emily on passing her first grading.

                                                  Lucy’s 8th Gup grading board break.

Lucy’s 8th Gup certificate presentation